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Integrating paypal payment gateway with Elgg - Team Webgalli Blog
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How we integrated paypal payment gateway and elgg

Posted on: April 16th, 2010 by Mohammed Aqeel 9 Comments

Dear elggers, I know all are eagerly waiting for paypal payment gateway and elgg integration. We have successfully implemented this for many of our Clients. We will give you an information about what we have done.


The groups/blogs and files pluggin are available only for paid users. The admin can decide the fee and the paypal id to which payment to be sent at the admin panel. after that, if a free user tries to create a blog/group/upload a file, he will be directed to the payment page. once he completes the payment he will be redirected automatically back to elgg site and he will be automatically upgraded to premium member with blog/group/upload a file availability. the payment is only one time payment. if admin want to make a users account expire after some time he can do that manually.

Eg 2 @ Webgalli.com

We integrated paypal payment gateway with groups. while creating a group there will be an extra field to enter the fee for joining that group. And the groups are made closed. if a user wants to join a group, he needs to pay and instantly he will be a member of that group.

Eg: 3 Paid user registraion plugin for Elgg

This plugin we have done converts all the user registration in your site to be paid one. You can decide the fee for registration in the admin panel and only after finishing the payment the users will be able to login to yoour site.

Eg 4 Elgg causes plugin.

If you want to raise funds for any purpose here is the causes plugin for elgg. You can specify an amount you want to raise and there is a bar graph which will show how much amount is raised so far. See a demo at webgalli.com

Eg1 + Eg 2

This integration is little more complicated. We first made only premium users can create group. And while creating groups the premium member can decide how much fee should be charged from others for joining his groups, so that he can get the money back which he paid for getting promoted as featured.

If any of you wish to have a paypal integration for your elgg site, drop us a mail at info [at] webgalli [dot] com

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9 Responses

  1. Mike Tyler says:

    I’m interested. Please send pricing and details.

  2. Team Webgalli says:

    @Mike Tyler
    Mike, check your mailbox please :)

  3. Ivan says:

    I’m very interested ….. I need it for a social network I’m mounting on Elgg, please, send me an email

  4. Trevor Jones says:

    I’m interested, please send me details

  5. Hope you received the reply.

  6. tahar says:

    I’m interested, please send me more details about the plugin .thank

  7. Tomoki Shimizu says:

    Oh, I’m really interested in this plugin.
    Please show me details.

  8. Ray says:

    Very interested in this plugin. Please could you send me details.

  9. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Ray : Send your requirements to us through info [at] webgalli [dot] com