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  1. Lukas F. says:

    Is there a more Facebook-Like Chat theme to download?

  2. Unfortunately there are no ready facebook like themes are available. But you can customize the design by changing the css of the chat plugin. Look inside the vendors directory.

  3. Elaine says:

    cool, i love it.

  4. Edenira says:

    good job! nice nice.

  5. Mic says:

    How can I remove the Evnix powered link?

  6. Just added the steps to Remove the powered by Evnix link to the tutorial. Remember that the Evnix License insist on you to provide the back links to their website, if you are using their script.

  7. Praveen says:


    am adding the above code to set chat for friends only.. but when i changed that, chat is disappearing..

    please help me on this…

  8. dom says:

    Sorry, It did not work for me. I didn’t understand number eight, “Accept the license and click agree”. All I found was a yes or no box if that what it meant.

  9. Click save and proceed.

  10. That code is not checked with latest versions of Freichat.

  11. Anthony says:

    I installed the chat and added the code so that only people logged in could use. However now I’m getting this error at the top of the screen.

    Deprecated in 1.8: isloggedin() is deprecated by elgg_is_logged_in() Called from [#9]

  12. @Anthony : this is because of the deprecated function. Please use the new Elgg function elgg_is_logged_in(). We have updated the post with the information.

  13. jonty says:

    Help! I did everything it said here and refreshed it and nothing happened. Whats wrong? I have configured everything.

  14. Delmar Belinski says:

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  15. We cant provide you an answer coz we dont know what error you are getting.

  16. Sebastian Renard says:

    . We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

  17. Danut says:

    These unstalation steps are not working for me :(

    I succesfully completed step 11 of this tutorial, but I’m stuck on a blank page that appears on what should be step 12. Any ideas, please?

  18. We cant help you with a blank page. We need more information on the error. Check your error_log on whats the error logged.

  19. Danut says:

    Hello Team,
    Thanks for your quick reply!

    My server’s error log is blank, but in “My visitors log” I found a 500(internal server error) logged.

    I tried once again to complete the install of this plugin, but I’m stuck on receiving the same blank page. It’s comming from page address
    [URL removed for security reason]

  20. Send us your FTP / Site admin and Cpanel login via pm to info [at] webgalli [dot] com. We will have a look
    PS : we have removed the above URL from your comment, because it will expose your installation path to public.

  21. Danut says:

    Never mind… I modified the arg.php file myself and it’s working like a charm!
    Thanks anyway…

  22. Glad to know you sorted out it and thanks for posting the solution. If you liked the plugin, don’t forget to recommend it.

  23. Paulo Henrique says:

    what was the change made in the file arg.php’m having the same problem
    Sorry pel English

  24. The change you need to make is open mod/chat/vendors/freichat/arg.php in a text editor. Find the line 24
    $installed=false; and change it to $installed=true;

  25. captnbob says:

    I have tried all the hacks to remove the “Powered by” from the newest version, 7.2, and none of them seem to work. Removing from the language file removes the chat from my site completely. Any one have any ideas?

    Thanks, Bob

  26. In the new version, you can try changing the line number 45 of vendors/freichat/arg.php (Not tested, please report back). Also the freichat licence insist on you to keep the link back :) .

  27. imty says:

    i have changed the location but still getting error. what to do???

  28. LibDez says:

    When your community is deprived the cat(chat) appears all the same on the page of connection. To solve this problem to edit the file view/default/chat/chat.php lines 15 to add:

    if (elgg_is_logged_in()) {

    And line 34 to add:


  29. Make sure you pointed to the exact location of your elgg/engine/settings.php

  30. ura says:

    has anyone got the videochat to work with this?

  31. Team Webgalli'an says:

    The current release of this plugin has no video chat options.

  32. Taner says:

    Is it possible to have a copy of the chat logs in this plugin? if not could you develop it to do so?


  33. Taner says:

    Sorry I mean is it possibe to save a copy of all sites chat logs so that the site administrator can monitor them. If not you you develop this feature.


  34. kimmie says:

    Hi, I have installed this, and its great…But, how can I get rid of the link at the top left that Says Chatroom that floats around on the page? This possible to do?

  35. Kimmie says:

    I apologize, I have done more reading of the documentation and edited the arg.php file to disable the chat button, my next question would be, what would I have to do to be able to make a link to the chatroom, so I can add it to a menu item, thankyou very much for your time.

  36. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Taner : Yes its possible with additional development. Get in touch with us at info [at] webgalli [dot] com and send the complete requirements.

  37. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Kimmie : If you dont need chat rooms, use the previous version. Or you can edit the arg.php located inside mod/chat/vendors/freichat/ and disable the chat room plugin feature.

  38. Team Webgalli'an says:

    If you disable the chat room, you wont be able to load it.

  39. Angel says:

    Hello, after installing, the drop down menu dashboard stopped working.

    How to fix it?

    (Facebook Themplate)

    Thank you!

  40. Team Webgalli'an says:

    Turn on the avoid jQuery conflict option in the chat admin panel

  41. Praveen says:

    i have followed the steps which you have mentioned in tutorial to remove powered by.. but i didnt find any code like that.. could you explain me if any other steps exist…

    thank you

  42. Team Webgalli'an says:

    Removing the powered by Evnix, from the chat is against the license. Buy a license from evnix and you are free to remove it.

  43. luiz gustavo do Nascimento says:

    Instalei o Freichat em mais não consigo ativar, aparece a tela para inserir a senha de admin, mas quando insiro a senha a tela fica branca. Neste caminho,

    o que pode ser????
    me ajude, não consigo ativar.

  44. Team Webgalli'an says:

    Use english only ;)

  45. abhijit says:

    error : C:/xampp/htdocs/adh/mod/chat/vendors/engine/settings.php

  46. abhijit says:

    missing C:/xampp/htdocs/adh/mod/chat/vendors/engine/settings.php error

  47. Gaurav says:

    I installed freichatx it get installed on elgg
    I followed same steps shown in vdo & got access to chat admin panel
    then Administration > Plugins > Chat > Settings > Yes > save
    But after that I didn’t get online user & chatroom options.

    Please help me

  48. Saeed says:

    How can I change the avatar to users’ profile picture?

  49. Scott says:

    When I click “Agree” button, page reloads. Does not go to next page for integration option.

  50. Team Webgalli'an says:

    No Idea. Try to stick with the install informations. If not working, then the evnix team offers paid installation support. Or if needed, we can install it for you for a small fee.

  51. Team Webgalli'an says:

    it is currently not supported out of box.

  52. Scott says:

    In Firefox I get error:
    [18:31:49.669] Exposing chrome JS objects to content without __exposedProps__ is insecure and deprecated. See for more information. @ resource://jid1-uabu5a9hduqzcw-at-jetpack-api-utils-lib/securable-module.js -> resource://jid1-uabu5a9hduqzcw-at-jetpack-api-utils-lib/content/worker.js:230

    I Install in Internet Explorer and all is ok now.

  53. Team Webgalli'an says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Hope this will be useful for some one too.

  54. Max says:

    why i can not chat. I see user online. but i can’t see text for chat.

    Sorry. if you do not understand. I’m not good at English.

  55. Riyad says:

    Hi, I am using Freichat 8.1 in my Joomla 3.0. It is showing ‘Powered by Codologic’. I have tried with your suggestion to remove that. But, there’s not any option like ‘freidefines.pwdby’. If you come to know, please let me know. Thanking you.


  56. manish says:

    it shows me wrong password as the video shown above….

  57. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Riyad : You are not authorized to remove that link. If you want to remove it, get a licence from codologic.

  58. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Manish : follow the instructions carefully.

  59. Jean Paul says:

    Thank you so much! I got it working but sometimes it says below on the chat ‘You are Banned”.. How do I fix this? and also if i disable chat rooms will they be able to chat 1 on 1 only?

  60. Danny says:

    Awesome plugin! My only problem is that for some reason the avatars aren’t showing up. Is there some permission I need to change for that?

  61. Webgalli says:

    The vendor library doesn’t support the usage of Elgg avatars. We will take care of it when we have some free time.

  62. gustavo55 says:

    por favor amigos me aparece esto, como lo resuelvo?? gracias….
    Archivo start.php faltante en el paquete no es v

  63. Capt'n Bob says:

    A couple of the hacks seem to be out of date with the newer versions.
    First the one to limit chat users to logged in users;
    if (elgg_get_plugin_setting(“chat_installed”, “chat”) == “yes” && elgg_is_logged_in()) {
    This code breaks the chat and it does not show up on any of my pages.
    Also, the code to use “names” instead of “usernames” does not appear in the actual code of the latest upgrade 1.6.1
    Other than that, it is a great program and many thanks to all that have made it possible.

  64. Webgalli says:

    The login logic code is working fine. Not sure whats the error with your special case.
    Regarding the username logic, we haven’t tested the hacks with any of the latest freichat versions. These hacks are contributed by the community.

  65. Anuj says:

    Warning: require_once(/home/content/45/11004645/html/mod/chat/vendors/freichat) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/45/11004645/html/mod/chat/vendors/freichat/installation/integ/Elgg.php on line 61

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/content/45/11004645/html/mod/chat/vendors/freichat’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5_3/lib/php’) in /home/content/45/11004645/html/mod/chat/vendors/freichat/installation/integ/Elgg.php on line 61

    errors how to resolve them ?

  66. Webgalli says:

    @Anuj: Check whether the file exists in the path via an FTP / cPanel. If it exists and you are still getting this message, then its a permission error. If not, download the plugin once more and try the installation again.

  67. Tony says:

    My client is requiring closer integration with elgg groups. For example, entering the “Newbies” group in elgg would open up the chat window and automatically have the “Newbies” group within Frei Chat highlighted.
    Synchronizing the names of the elgg groups and the chat groups would also be a requirement.
    Can you help here?

  68. Kauê says:

    Olá, sou brasileiro, estou aqui para informar que eu não estou achando a engine do freichat, se eu mudar a url e botar em uma pasta vazia pra ver se o freichat instala sozinho a engine mas não da certo, fica uma página branca, como eu localizo essa engine ? ou é a engine que está dando erro ou é a params.php obrigado!

  69. Felipe says:

    Um erro irrecuperável ocorreu e foi registrado. Contacte o administrador do site com as seguintes informações: Exceção # 1385633724.

  70. Webgalli says:

    Please use English.

  71. Webgalli says:

    Please use English.

  72. evas says:

    Boa noite instalo o freichat até a parte que sincronizo o aerquivo settings.php até aí tá tudo certo depois que clico para o próximo passo a página fica em branco com o nome step1:
    e a página fica em branco não dá para digitar a a senha. Sigo todos os paços até a página ficar em branco para colocar a senha.
    Caso, possam me ajudar fico agradecido.