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Elgg access manager and Premium user roles plugin

Posted on: January 24th, 2013 by Webgalli No Comments

We are glad to announce the release of the first Site Access control Manger plugin for Elgg. This plugin will allow elgg admins to mark some users as featured, and can assign some specialprivilegesto these users. The admin can easily configure what all widgets, pages a free user is allowed to see. The admin can also configure what all actions can a free user do in your site. The premium users have access to all the contents, widgets, and actions in your site.

For example, you can allow access to all areas of your site to free users and only premium users can have access to the photos and downloads section of your website. Admin can easily define these features in the admin panel.

Requires Elgg Version 1.8 and above

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The Great potential of this plugin (Some needs additional development):

  • Change “Featured Users” to “Premium Users” and u can collect a charge for being promoted as premium user from regular users.
  • Define some special plugins only for premium users.
  • Specialprivilegesand user quota for premium users.
  • Same plugin can be modified to have access only to different user types like Platinum/Diamond/Gold/Silver/Bronze :)
  • Same plugin can be modified to display user’s special files/pictures/videos
  • Limited access areas, for premium members only.
  • Different profile information for different user types .


  • Purchase it from our shop
  • Remove any previous version of our featured users plugin. The plugin comes integrated with the premium users plugin.
  • Unzip > Upload to mod directory
  • Enable in admin panel.
  • Enter the licence key in the plugin settings page
  • Go to the plugin configuration page and just select what all widgets, pages and actions you want to make available for free users.
  • Thats it. Nothing more.


  1. Widgets
    To allow some particular widgets to free users just select the check box next to the each widget in the configuration page. Free users will be allowed to use only these selected widgets in their profile. Premium users will be able to use all the widgets available.

    widget manager for elgg

    widget manager for elgg

  2. Actions
    You can configure the allowed actions in the admin panel. Just select the check box next to each action and the free users will be able to execute only these actions in the site. For example if you haven’t checked theactions/profile/edit check box, then the free users wont be able to edit their profile.

    actions manager for elgg

    actions manager for elgg

  3. Pages
    This is the only tricky, but mist granular and powerful access manager. Just enter the page handler name in the settings box which you want to restrict to free users. All other page handlers will be in accessible for both free and premium users. The premium users will have access to all the pages.

    pagemanager for elgg

    pagemanager for elgg

    Little more on the fine access levels here.
    To understand this, you have to learn a little about Elgg page handler. You can learn it from here in detail.
    If you don’thave time just understand the following. When you go to any page in your elgg site, the URL will be of the following types, the first word after are the page handlers. For example the page handlers in above URL’s are “blog” and “photos” respectively. The word “all” is the first segment.
    Back to configuration
    If you want to allow free users to have access to blogs section of your site, just enter the page handler name as “blog” in the settings box and the free users will haveaccessto all site blogs, his blogs, friends blogs, and will be able to create blogs also.If youdon’twant the free users to have the option to create blog, then just enter the page handler followed by the allowed segment names. For example if you enter only these “blog/all”, “blog/friends” in the settings, then the user will haveaccessto only the following URLS,,
    He wont be able to access any other URL’s with blog as page handler.

Additional Configuration.

We have already done many custom works such as paypal integration and limited access areas with this plugin. We provide payment gateway integration so that users can pay for getting promoted as premium users, get instantly promoted after making the payment, make the premium user membership expire after a limited period etc. Get in touch with us if need such developments,

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