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Desktop notifier application for Elgg

Posted on: October 30th, 2012 by Mohammed Aqeel 10 Comments

It is our great pleasure to inform you that, we are planning for the development of a desktop notification plugin for Elgg (1.8 sites only).

The application is having a lot of features including, notifying the users about their pending friend requests, new river updates from their friends, new unread mails etc.. The application is expected to hit the Elgg community by middle of Jan 2013 (Only after Jan 1st). The updates and the features included in the plugin will be purely based on the free time available for me, sponsorship we receive.

Contribute to the development

Chip in through the widget on right side to make your contributions and fasten the development of this plugin. The development, maintenance and publishing of the application will be purely based on community interest.

See some of the features of the beta version below.

User notifications.

Elgg app user notificationsGet notifications for contents like river updates, friend requests, pending mails etc. Version 1 will supports

  • River updates.
  • Friend requests.
  • Unread messages.
  • Live notifications (Requires ajax notification plugin from us).
  • For  site admins
    • Notifications for new users register

As these notifications are send through Elgg’s Rest API’s, these can be easily extended to support any kind of notifications like new bookmark requests, new group join requests etc…

Users can disable the notification any time and re-enable it back with out quitting the application (See the Menu screenshot below). Helpful in situations like watching movies, playing games etc..

Admin mass notifications.


Admins can send important notifications to users desktops directly. These notifications are sticky. That means they will be persisting in the users desktop, untill they close it.

This will help to pass important notification to community members like feature additions, get together, meetups etc..

These messages are those that created by the site’s admin from the activity field. This feature is currently missing in the Elgg’s download package. See the trac ticket for the same.  If this ticket is not closed, we may add an admin tool to compose new notifications.

Operating systems supported

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Mac
  • Linux (under testing)
  • Supports desktop / Dock /System tray / Taskbar icons.

Other features.

  • Memory usage : starts from 17000K
  • Installation and Uninstallation : just like regular exe files.
  • No polling if the user/computer is idle for more than 2minutes.
  • Beautiful auto closing growl notifications.
Success messages

Success messages

System menu

System menu

Login window

Login window

Error messages

Error messages

Road Map :

Subjected to change anytime without prior notification.

  • Contribution reaches goal : Version 1
  • August 2013 : Version 2
    • Allow status/wire plugin update from desktop
    • Send messages to friends from desktop

Terms and Conditions

  • The plugin may/not contain developer credits. If credits are present, you are not allowed to remove it. White labelled plugin, can be purchased for a small reasonable fee.
  • Roadmaps, Terms and Conditions are subjected to change anytime without prior notification. The development milestones are purely depended on funds collected, time available etc..
  • It wont be possible to refund the donation if the campaign fails to reach the goal. Instead those who made a payment of 100USD and above will get a copy of the application as of now.

PS : We had some issue with our DB. If any comments / questions are missing below please re post it.

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10 Responses

  1. Shouvik Mukherjee says:

    This seems extremely cool. I hope you get the app for linux distros as well.

    Eagerly looking forward to it.

  2. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Shouvik : the development environment promises 100% compatibility with Win, Mac and linux (Ubuntu) and my previous developments were all multi OS compatible. I will include you in the beta testing phase.

  3. Saeed Rajabi says:

    This is a nice idea i think. I think if you add multilingual support as the elgg, in your app this is a cool thing, no?

  4. Team Webgalli'an says:

    Only the general controls of the application are in English. All other notifications and messages respect the users language preference in Elgg website.

  5. valerio says:

    This is very interesting for me.
    I think, if this is also customizable with the notify different types of ads from elgg site or for example if this will target also a mobile device, with a mobile app or something similar I’m ready to pay for it.

    P.S. Are some days that i try to contact the team to speak about quotes and others. Your contact form, in this moment, not work.
    I want to try some plug in on your test site but refuse me and say that i need an invititation.

    Waiting for you.


  6. Team Webgalli'an says:

    @Valerio : this is only a desktop app, like the gmail desktop notifier or the yammer desktop notifier. The V1 will let you receive notifications in desktop directly. Of course it can be extended, to receive/push any type of notifications to users desktop directly.
    This is not a mobile app. We have plans for developing a mobile app for elgg in the near future.
    Thanks for informing the Contact form bug. Its fixed. To check the test site, three test user Id’s are provided in that site. Just click on the login link.

  7. Shouvik Mukherjee says:

    It would be a pleasure to be a part of the beta testing phase. This is awesome!

  8. Chicko says:

    Any news regarding the girst relaese?

  9. Rafael says:

    Is it done?

  10. Webgalli says:

    Hi Rafael,

    Unfortunately we haven’t received any contributions for this. So we have postponed the development. If people needs it, then they have to fund it.