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  1. bert says:

    can you built me a website with elgg?

    greetings, Bert, Holland

  2. webgalli says:

    Sure, Check your mail box :)

  3. Muhammad Tayyab says:

    I am planning to launch a social network like facebook and I need some support regarding Elgg. Does Elgg provide following features…

    1. On Elgg Demo site, when I logged In, It asked me to drag-drop and set the widgets (Wire, Friends, Feeds) etc on my main page… can I restrict that? I don’t want my network users to adjust it themselves. I want to fix pre-defined layout for everyone.

    2. I posted some pictures on demo elgg site, and I got the activity stream on my dashboard. But I am unable to comment on my activities or my friend’s activities. Is there a module available to add “Comment” and “Like” feature on activities stream items?

    Also can you give me rough idea about, how much budget I need to setup my network. I want to setup a public social network like facebook or HI5 etc..

  4. Team Webgalli says:

    @tayyb : pm me at drsanupmoideen(at)gmail(dot)com. I will give you full info.
    Team Webgalli

  5. Vigi Jay says:

    I am investigating the possibility of creating a social networking site based on ELGG and found your contact details here.

    The intended site would be a cross between 2 existing sites, http://www.iamtri.com and http://www.endomundo.com

    a) what would your company charge for such a project?
    b) what timeframe would be required to launch such a site?
    c) what would you charge to run and support such a site with your team? (plus supporting ongoing growth)

    Looking forward to hearing your response.

    Kind Regards,

    Vigi Jay

  6. Team Webgalli says:

    Just sent you a reply :)

  7. Team Webgalli says:

    Amy, Sorry for the late reply. Its because Akismet caught your message as spam and was hiding it from me.
    Regarding your enquiry, Elgg is the best platform for you to start a social network. You can restrict the widgets and you can have the comment and like option too. PM me at drsanupmoideen[at]gmail[dot]com and i will give you a quote.

  8. Arun says:

    pls contact me – we want to build an elgg site for our college

  9. Team Webgalli says:

    Hello arun, you can contact our Elgg session head at drsanupmoideen[at]gmail(dot)com with your detailed requirements.

  10. John says:

    Hi, I sent you an email earlier in the week….

    …was wondering if you received it ?



  11. Team Webgalli says:

    Hello John, I am sorry to tel you that, I didnt received any email from this account. Could you send me it once more?
    Thank you