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Allowed memory size exhausted in elgg

Posted on: August 18th, 2011 by Mohammed Aqeel 1 Comment

Perhaps you’ve been happily administering an Elgg install and come across a mysterious error like this: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 64 bytes in engine/lib/database.php on line 271) Try as you may, you can’t find the offending plugin. Increasing the memory limit doesn’t work, or your hosting provider refuses to […]

Random / Specific / Daily Quran Ayah plugin’s for elgg and wordpress

Posted on: August 1st, 2011 by Mohammed Aqeel 6 Comments

This is my first modules for Elgg and WordPress after joining Team Webgalli. Let me know if you have any comments. You can download the plugin from following links.   Full description: This plugin will show Random/Specific Quran Ayaths in anywhere in your site or as widget Features Show random Quran Ayahs as a widget […]

Antispammer plugin for elgg

Posted on: February 22nd, 2011 by Mohammed Aqeel 2 Comments

Another great plugin from Team Webgalli. Tired of deleting all those spammers from your elgg sites? Try our new antispammer plugin, which prevents all spam registrations at your elgg sites. Current Version : 3.177 Prevents spam Registration Report/add spammers to the Database Next version (under development) Prevents comments from spammers Prevents entity creation from spammers […]

three coulumn river dashboard for Elgg

Posted on: September 4th, 2010 by Sarath C 6 Comments

Here comes the most avaited three coloumn river dashboard for Elgg. This plugin converts your elgg site’s dashboard to three coloumn style, making it more userfriendly and attractive. To see a demo login to http://webgalli.com To get this plugin visit http://webgalli.com/pg/groups/1340/webgallis-three-coloumn-riverdashboard-for-elgg/

Elgg -Jquery delete plugin

Posted on: September 3rd, 2010 by Raez Mon No Comments

This is a simple plugin to replace the standard delete view in Elgg with a beautiful Jquery confirmation view With the plugin in action TO DOWNLOAD THE PLUGIN VISIT HERE So here is the line, jConfirmAction is a jQuery plugin that aims to replace a plain confirmation box with a cute one. This plugin will […]

Subscription plugin for Elgg

Posted on: July 17th, 2010 by Sarath C 2 Comments

This new elgg plugin from Team Webgalli, will help elgg users to subscribe to various contents of Elgg site like Blogs/Pages/Group discussions/Bookmarks/Files etc.. This will help your users to keep a constant watch on the site. The users will get notifications in the standard elgg format, depending on their preference (Whether internally or By Email). […]