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Free Classifieds plugin V7 for Elgg1.7.1

Posted on: May 30th, 2009 by Raez Mon 15 Comments

Webgalli’s  Classified plugin is one of the top downloads in elgg community. This plugin will let your users to create unlimited number of classified postsin the elgg site. This is for Elgg V1.7. See some of the salient features of our plugin are:

  1. Unlimited number of classifieds.
  2. Classifieds are seen as a whole (search, tags…) not as seperate images.
  3. Classifieds are categorised for easy finding
  4. View friends Classifieds
  5. Replies on Classifieds
  6. Add classified objects Image (optional)
  7. River announcements
  8. A widget for users profile showing of their latest classifieds
  9. Showing tags from classifieds post on the side bar
  10. Comments on posts
  11. Facebox for viewing large image (provided by the embed plugin)
  12. WYSIWYG editing of product descriptions
  13. Display products in thumbnail and full size
  14. Unlimited number of product categories
  15. Product import from CSV file
  16. Shoppers registration

Donate for the development

This plugin is one of the top downloaded plugin in Elgg community. Help us to develop it further. We are looking for contributions from your part for sponsoring the development. If you want to see this plugin for a 1.8 version of elgg, make your contribution through Chipin. Every  contribution helps. You can donate any amount, no minimum donation. We wont be able to refund if the campaign fails to reach the goal, but those who have donated more than 75USD will receive a copy of the plugin when the campaign ends.

ROAD MAP*  (In the Webgalli Labs now)

  • Group Classifieds
  • Ebay Integration
  • Bid on classified postings
  • Set  Expiry date for the postings

CHANGE LOG V7 – PRO VERSION (Now available for 99$) (demo at webgalli.com)

  • Easy Paypal Integration available (At a total 99$ Click here to view link)
  • Automatically reduce the number of products available once payment is completed
  • Email notification for the seller once product is sold
  • Automatically closes the classified if all the available products are sold out
  • Classified post status in search view. (Whether the post is still available or not)
  • “Send Private Message” to the seller (Admin can turn this on and off)
  • When creating/editing market posts users must tick “I have read and accepted the Terms of use of use.” before it can be saved!
  • If the “embed” plugin isn’t available, it fall back on javascript to provide popup windows.
  • Rate the seller (So that your clients can have a trust on your sellers)
  • Archive your classifieds on based on date of publication (Admin can turn this option off, if needed)
  • Alphabetic sorting of classified categories
  • Fixed the bug with classified category searching. Added a new function for searching

To know how to buy the proversion, just send a mail to webgalli[at]gmail[dot]com.

CHANGE LOG V6 –  BASIC VERSION – (Now available for 25$)


  • Let the end users can import classifieds from csv file (Admin can turn this On/Off) (Thanks to Joseph Brower )
  • Multiple Image upload option for classifieds (Admin can turn this On/Off)
  • More neat and content rich display/listing of the items
  • Images can be rearranged
  • Beautiful jquery powered gallery for the multiple image uploaded
  • Better Image handling


  • Fixed the problem with access change for the classified image while editing a classified.
  • Added the option for the users to change the image associated with a classified while editing it.
  • Fixed the bug with the user menu.
  • Display the latest classifieds in index page.
  • Cleaned up the code.
  • Fixed an important bug happened in v2 while deleting a classified (the delete action will delete _thumblarge from the users directory making all other picture less classifieds orphan) .
  • Fixed some missing translations.
  • Added the Italian language pack. (Thanks to alivin70)
  • Changed the licence.
  • And many more…


  • Now the world view contains all links to user/friends/create classifieds
  • Fixed the bug with the new notification plugin
  • Now the Classifieds plugin will take the site’s/user’s default access level
  • Now the plugin will display all the ad categories on the ownerblock area
  • Fixed some missing translations
  • Added Tags cloud for classifieds
  • The page displaying classifieds in redesigned for a better look.
  • And many more…


  • Its now easy to create the ad categories under the admin panel, no need for any code editing
  • The image upload is now optional
  • Fixed the language file
  • Cleaned up the code
  • River support for new elgg
  • And many more…

V1- Release to the Public


1. BackUp your database first (We can’t guarentee any mishappenings :))
2. Drop the folders ad and adcategories in “/mod”
3. Create a folder called “ad” in your ELGG-INSTALL FOLDER with read-write access (chmod 777)
4. Activate both the pluggins in the administration panel
5. Create some classifieds categories under the admin panel
6. To change any of the dialog words and sentences, edit ‘mod/ad/languages/en.php’

*Road map is subjective to changes without any prior notifications.

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15 Responses

  1. Sim2k says:

    Hello guys

    I have been reading up on your plugin and it looks really good. I have not installed it yet but will do soon after a paypal option has been installed.

    Here are some ideas that will make this plugin GREATER…

    Have the option for the site admin to charge site users to use the classified.
    The charge can be per item or per month.
    If this is set to $0 or £0, it will cost them nothing but they can see that the price can change
    If the user has a PayPal account, let the user be able to sell an item through paypal
    Let the user put a stock count on each item so when sold the stock count goes down
    If item is sold through PayPal, the seller gets an email/site message saying payment recieved, send item with a link to the item.
    Let there be a scoring facility that AFTER the user has brought an item, they can rate the sellers service with a link to the item
    Create an auto link for any item for sale that only the seller can see so they can past that link on their pages.
    Can items be seen outside of the website???

    and all this would work through paypal.

    If this was done, Id pay for this no problem at all!

  2. John says:

    Do you have a link to show what it looks like in use?

    Would be happy to pay but it would be better to see even some dummy adverts to see how it actually looks and works first.

    Or perhaps I missed something.

    Many thanks and best wishes.

  3. Business Maintenance Services says:

    What is the ETA on version 6 or what ist the estimated completion date for the roadmap ?

  4. Businees Maintenance Services says:

    Is the V6 coming anytime soon? What is the ETA?

  5. admin says:

    John :

    Do you have a link to show what it looks like in use?

    Would be happy to pay but it would be better to see even some dummy adverts to see how it actually looks and works first.

    Or perhaps I missed something.

    Many thanks and best wishes.

    You can test it at http://www.webgalli.com
    Register there and create your own classifieds!

  6. admin says:

    Businees Maintenance Services :

    Is the V6 coming anytime soon? What is the ETA?

    Its not scheduled, but will be soon.

  7. James says:

    What’s the progress on paypal integration?

  8. webgalli says:

    Will be released in two to three days. :)

  9. webgalli says:


    James :
    What’s the progress on paypal integration?

    Easy paypal integration available for classified plugin for Elgg at a price of 75$ (as an addon module)available at http://webgalli.com/pg/groups/311/classifieds-plugin-for-elgg/

  10. Rahul says:

    Hi Webgalli,
    Can we change this just like Causes plugin and Buy button as donate Classified As Help Post and The interested person can able to Help for that Project buy paying can i change like that

  11. Team Webgalli says:

    @RAhul, if you are lookig for the causes plugin of Elgg its available as a custom work. I had send you a message regarding this last day. to have the donations feature for this,needs extra coding. If you are willing to sponsor it, I can code that for you. send me a pm for that.

  12. djSupport says:

    Is there a demo available? I’d like for my users to advertise equipment they are selling and pay £1 GBP for the privilege I wont charge them for overall costs just £1 entry free then there ad will run for say 30 days or until sold does this plugin do that?

  13. Team Webgalli says:

    Hello Djsupport, You can see a demo after logging in to http://webgalli.com. But the feature you are in need is currently not available. If you are in need of that enhacement, send me a detailed mail with requirements and we can do it as a custom work for a reasonable fee.

  14. djSupport says:

    I’ll get back to you Team, Because Im only a minimum wage security guard who offers my elgg site for free :) so I eanr no profit… yet!