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Elgg – WordPress Integration

Posted on: September 16th, 2011 by Raez Mon 4 Comments

We are glad to announce the upcmoing release of a new Elgg – WordPress integration. This will allow you to run Elgg and wordpress together. Its just a package of two different plugins, one for wordpress and other for Elgg. Just enable both  in the corresponding admin panels and fill in some details ,you are ready to go.

Why wordpress?

Free, Easy to usnd customize, Secure and support by a great community

Why Elgg?

Looking for a social network for your members /institution? Think about only elgg. Its an award winning opensource social networking platform supported with a great community.

How it works

  • Elgg as Master and WordPress as Slave
  • Just upload the Elgg – WordPress bridge plugin to wordpress/wp-contents/plugins
  • Enable it in the wordpress admin panel
  • Fill the details of your elgg site
  • Now upload the elgg plugin to your Elgg/mod directory
  • Enable it and fill the details about your wordpress site
  • Now you are ready to go

Features at present

  • Single sign in and Sign on to Elgg and WordPress
  • All registrations handled by Elgg
  • Wrap wordpress inside elgg
  • Update the elgg river when a new blog post is made on wordpress

As these are standalone plugins, you can break the connection anytime if needed and they wont break your sites upgrade features.

You can get a component of it from here : WordPress tobar for Elgg

Watch this space for more news. Expect the final release to be on the end of September 2011.

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4 Responses

  1. rinku says:

    where is the elgg wordpress plugin ?? i already have wordpress installed and i want elgg integrated with it so that my users doesnt have to signin multiple times…

    thank you

  2. The Elgg-Wordpress bridge is a commercial development. It is not going to be released as plugin in our stores. You can see the demo of this elgg wordpress bridge in this site itself. The blog section is wordpress and the remaining is an Elgg install. If you need this development contact us for a quote.

  3. Jaydeep says:

    plz upgrade for 1.8

  4. mmn says:

    Please upgrade 1.8 Thank u